Harness the power of the cloud.

We design and develop reliable, high-performance websites and deliver cloud-based computing services to provide your users with a seamless experience.
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Our services

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User-experience design

First we identify your users, their goals, and critical tasks. Then we design the product they really need

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User-interface design

The shortest distance between you and your users is the interface. Make it a good one.

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Front-end development

We bring the interface to life using modern web frameworks and component-driven design.

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Back-end development

The magic behind the curtain. Dare to dream, because virtually anything is possible.

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Automated deployment means faster delivery, higher quality, and lower costs.

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Project management

Unglamorous but essential. Solid management keeps our projects on time and under budget

What makes us different?

Competence. Initiative. Conscientiousness.

Peace of mind goes beyond developing a high-quality product you can trust. It also includes writing code that is intuitive for other developers to work with and is easy to maintain. At SkyPilot we do this through automated testing, modularity, and a meticulous approach to organization.

Meet your pilots

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William Thorsen

Cloud Architect • Lead Developer

William's areas of expertise are architecture, innovation, and automation. As a senior developer, he has a proven track record crafting innovative solutions backed by reliable, maintainable code.

Camilla Thorsen

Web Developer • UX/UI Designer

As a web developer with a degree in psychology, Camilla specializes in creating interfaces that balance polish with practicality. Her emphasis is on user-centred design and fleshing out the early stages of development (research, planning, prototyping) in order to save time and resources down the line.

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Wireframe prototype


Have a peek at some of our past work

We design and build custom websites and mobile apps for your business, from one page sites to software with complex back-end applications and data manipulation. Stay tuned as we update this section with details to come!

Website landing page
Detailed sketch
High fidelity forum prototype

Our workflow

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We work with our client to understand their vision and requirements for the project.

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Learning about the target audience and designing user personas guide our priorities and are integral to user experience design.

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The information we’ve learned helps us with elements of project planning, such as defining the information architecture, scope, and key user-interface components.

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A high-fidelity prototype allows us to agree on exactly how the final product will look and act, without the need to invest in infrastructure or coding.

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Before getting caught up in things like colours and images, wireframing lets us first establish the site’s desired behaviour through easy-to-change simulations.

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Hand-drawn sketches allow us to try out different ideas quickly and at a very low cost.

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Since details have been worked out in advance, the coding stage takes far less time than it would otherwise. Coding without a prototype takes anywhere from 50% to 300% longer.

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Reliable infrastructure and rigorous testing mean that there’s nothing to worry about on launch day.

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Agile iterations

We evaluate our work throughout the process and use feedback from users to inform improvements to our prototypes and designs.

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